About Jean

I was at a place I didn’t want to be in my life, but what were the options…

? Change career – no – still the same challenges.

? Work less hours – no – less pay (and not really possible anyway).

? Start a traditional business – no – too unknown and too risky.

? Buy a franchise – no – still too risky and paying to work for someone else!

Long story short, Life Choices Global was born in Sept 2007 from the car park of my day-job. Within 7 months, I’d left work because I could afford to. My husband, Jeff, did too.

Since then we’ve lived a Life of Choices by helping directly hundreds and indirectly thousands of people to do the same.

We’ve travelled the world, we’ve “been there” for our children and my Dad (whether they liked it or not), we’ve chosen when we work and when we take time out for eg a project or hobby or just because the sun is shining. We are also far healthier now having worked in the health and wellness sector.

Want to find out more about working with me? Feel free to Contact Me  here or call me 07970 911918.