How We Work With You

Life Choices Global does not charge expensive joining fees, high consultancy fees and they are not the providers of pricey training courses. Basically, when you are successful, so are we.

We start with your goals and what sort of time you are prepared to put in on a weekly basis. There’s no right answer but we want to make sure we set the right expectations and know how much support you need.

Most people start with us part time and have very busy lives, so it’s important we figure out how we build this into your existing schedule.


Then we hold your hand every step of the way in the early days until you start to find your feet. We teach you what we have learned in 21 years. We are excellent coaches because we have “walked the talk” so our advice is well founded.

How we do this depends on geography, but it’s often by Zoom video calls, Webinars and occasional meet-ups too. Whatever works best. We also have a library of trainings for study in your own time.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with Jean here.